Portland Forest School of the Pacific Northwest

Mission Statement

Portland Forest School of the Pacific Northwest (PFS) is an independent outdoor school of community and nature restoration and conservation whose K-8 students journey into native forests, savannas, wetlands, coastal beaches, and mountain meadows every day to facilitate their learning and application of Oregon State Standards. Their knowledge and practice is rooted in an interdisciplinary, project-based, differentiated curriculum for all to excel in not only academic learning gains but also social-emotional intelligence’s.

Beyond nature play, PFS students live intimately each season by foraging for wild foods, designing and building forest tools, shelters, and crafts. They grow with the land, plants, and animals that share our world and will become the leaders of their generations applying their PFS lessons and experiences to sustain and further nature restoration and conservation. Their will to care for nature in all its forms will be intrinsic and rooted in self-assurance and resiliency.